Electric Quality Verification (QV) Specialist

  • PG&E
  • 07/23/2021
Full time Facilities

Job Description

Department Overview

The Electric Operations Transmission Compliance Team provides oversight for Operations and Planning (O&P) and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) electric transmission regulatory requirements per FERC, NERC, and WECC. This includes ensuring that all NERC O&P and CIP Standard compliance requirements are known, have documented processes, and that evidence of compliance exists.

The Transmission Compliance department is the primary liaison between PG&E Electric Operations Line of Businesses and WECC, NERC, and FERC Regulatory agencies. Additionally, the Transmission Compliance Team is the primary liaison with FERC, NERC, and WECC for audits, events, data requests, self-reports, etc.

Job Summary

The Electric Quality Verification (QV) Specialist conducts field assessments on PG&E's electric transmission, substation, and distribution facilities to improve reliability by performing quality verification activities. These work assessments may focus on verifying the quality of:

  • Substation inspection and maintenance activities in accordance with Substation Maintenance & Construction Manual (SMC Manual) TD-3322M, NERC Standards FAC-003, PRC-005, CIP-006, CIP-014, FAC-501-WECC and California Utilities Commission CPUC G.O. 174 Inspection Activities / Record Keeping & Retention
  • Construction work performed by construction crews in conjunction with emergency and planned Line Corrective (LC notifications to ensure facilities are repaired/constructed per the requirements of PG&E Construction Standards and CPUC G.O. 95. Ensure accuracy and completion of construction documentation and proper order closure.
  • Ability to travel within the PG&E service territory
  • Perform quality verification of inspections performed in substations prior to CPUC, CAISO, WECC audits
  • Serve as Company liaisons to external regulatory agencies (CPUC, CAISO, WECC, NERC)
  • Overhead (OH) and underground (UG) inspections as required by CPUC GO 165.
  • Construction work performed by division construction crews in conjunction with emergency and planned Electric Corrective (EC) notifications to ensure facilities are repaired/constructed per the requirements of PG&E Construction Standards and CPUC G.O. 95 and 128
  • Compliance and construction supervisors completed work verifications of the inspectors and crews completed work.
  • Construction jobs, the associated documentation and proper order closure.

Job Responsibilities

  • Works independently, utilizing advanced knowledge of electric utility regulatory standards including FERC, NERC, WECC, CAISO and CPUC general orders to complete deep reviews and analysis of maintenance construction work.
  • Considered a technical expert in substation or transmission, or distribution line and regularly referenced by the LOB
  • Provides comprehensive recommendations for leadership.
  • Partners with PG&E internal leaders on identifying root causes, trends, process improvements and in implementing solutions.
  • Provides assistance and coaching to lower level peers, including on the job training for new Senior Specialists. Handles questions regarding more complex verification situations.  Acts as a technical resource for Compliance, Substation and Construction field supervisors.
  • Validates quality of completed work by maintenance and construction crews and compliance inspectors using advanced knowledge of maintenance and construction standards and CPUC general orders.  Leads cross-functional special projects or initiatives.  Is the go-to lead and subject-matter expert. 
  • Facilitates post verification review meetings.  Summarizes and presents complex findings to leaders.  Uses advanced communication skills to determine appropriate content for target audience.  Conveys findings and recommendations seeking buy in on recommendations.  Develops new methods for communicating issues, concerns and best practices.
  • Understands, demonstrates, and coaches lower level peers on all company and regulatory safety practices and requirements.
  • Responsible for resolving gaps between external requirements and internal standards.
  • Establishes new processes for emergent quality verification audit requests
  • Facilitates updates to Call book with new calls that requires research of FERC, WECC, NERC, CAISO, and CPUC General Orders and maintenance and Construction Standards
  • Conduct quality verification audits in Divisions where a Specialist has vacated
  • Trains all electric lines of business on all PG&E maintenance and construction and inspection standards
  • Leads safety discussions in the field or service centers with Electric Transmission Superintendents, Supervisors, Crew Foremen, Crews, QA Specialist line crews, Compliance Inspectors, and supervisors
  • Interfaces with Senior Leadership to discuss audit scope and relevant audit results.



  • High school or GED.
  • Minimum seven (7) years of relevant experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction, field maintenance operations, or related electric utility experience
  • California Driver's License.
  • Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW).
  • Completion of a federal or state sanctioned line worker apprenticeship with approved supporting documentation (e.g. IBEW Journeyman Lineman A Ticket) and/or union or union-affiliated sponsored line worker apprenticeship or equivalent


  • Bachelor's degree in related field.
  • Previous PG&E experience as a, Journey Lineman, Substation Lead, Journeyman Electrician, Field Engineer Technician, M&C Coordinator, Quality Auditor.
  • Experience in substation maintenance & construction, or transmission line maintenance & construction, quality assurance or quality control/verification auditing
  • Previous PG&E experience as a Compliance Inspector, Journey Lineman, Field Engineer Technician, M&C Coordinator, Quality Auditor.
  • Experience in compliance inspection, distribution maintenance & construction, quality assurance or quality verification auditing.
  • Experience in conducting root cause investigations